Our Customers

With the majority of our customers being regular visitors who know what they want to order before they arrive, we pride ourselves in knowing that we meet our goal of wanting to deliver simple food prepared well and served as quickly as possible.

It often gets hectic over lunchtime, but a little patience and a smile can go a long way!

Some recent customer reviews include:

Great breakfast

"Two of us had breakfast there second time in a few weeks. I had the full English it was very very good one of the best I have had for a long time. The service was first class given with a smile I'll be back!"
Trevor F, St. Albans

Exceptional standard

"I have been coming here for years and love it. In the past few years they have undergone some changes mainly in the decor but the food has always been of an exceptional standard.

Everything is freshly prepared, and although it does get very busy at lunch time and on weekends, I would never fail to recommend it here. I would so much prefer to come here than anywhere else in Radlett or the surrounding areas - I regularly come here from St Albans (where there is a huge selection of places to eat) and so what if you have to wait 5 or 10 minutes longer for the food - i would rather it come out looking delicious and fresh rather than not wait at all and for the dish to come out looking like its just been pulled it out of the fridge!

As for the service, I have never had a problem - the staff are attentive, friendly and more than happy to help."
Teri P, St. Albans

We will certainly be coming back

Having been recommended here by a group of friends... we reached The Bull Pen and it was very busy. where we were greeted by a lovely lady  who informed us of a waiting list where she put our name and telephone number down and I was told we would receive a telephone call when our table was ready(if we wanted to walk around). We received the call within ten minutes didn't have to wait long at all. We arrived and were shown to our table and were informed of the specials. I ordered the English breakfast and an English Breakfast tea and was definately not disappointed. We had to wait longer than usual as it was busy but were not fussed.

All the staff are very polite, friendly and attentive and made us feel very welcome, nothing was too much trouble. We will certainly be coming back.
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